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Welcome, stranger.

Jessica grew up in Covington, Kentucky with a traditional Midwestern-Southern upbringing making her an excellent Euchre partner, an avid whiskey enthusiast, and a natural storyteller. She studied acting, writing, and musical theatre at Cincinnati’s School for Creative and Performing Arts before going on to double major in theatre and drama and English literature, with a minor in modern dance, at Indiana University.

After living a gypsy regional theatre life for a few years, she decided it was time to stop moving every few months and settled down in Los Angeles. While in LA, she continued to act, picked up voiceover, co-wrote several short films, directed a few commercials, films, and plays, and cultivated her fire breathing skills. She also co-founded an interactive storytelling troupe called The Narrators and played ukulele and sang in the band Fuzzwald and the Rabbit.

When not performing, she spent time wearing a variety of different hats for independent production companies (PostScript, Patrick Ortman, Inc and Lunacy Productions): gaining experience in casting, producing, directing, writing, and editing.

In addition to her short films, Jessica has also written copy and specs for commercials, original songs, and a comedic podcast called Meditation Realness.

Jessica is bicoastal and splits her time between LA and NYC.

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